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June 13, 2010

SESAME STREET is an American kids’ television series which combines both education and entertainment. It is famous for using the Muppets characters in running different stories with music since November 10, 1969 in the United States. It is regarded as the longest running show for the kids in America.

As Sesame Street series are shown on the TV for more than 40 years which most of the post-70s Americans are grown up with. This Muppets show is so popular which brings its products as “the kids’ best Christmas gift”, Disney attempts to purchase its copyright for several times, being awarded 101 prizes in Emmy Awards and even November 10 is named as “Sesame Street Day” in New York City.

A famous French fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac maybe one of the fans of Sesame Street, because he uses some of the characters of Sesame Street in his Fall-Winter fashion show “Muppets Show”,  even the hottest pop star Lady Gaga is one of the fans of Kermit the Frog (one of the characters in Sesame Street).

 “Muppets Show” of Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Lady Gaga, the post-80s, also growing up in the time of Sesame Street, maybe the fans of Kermit the Frog.

Some people love the character and they love showing to others, such as decorating their cars by stickers their favorite characters on it, or wearing the clothes or shoes that they have.

Car with Elmo stickers

Some people are obsessed with the characters of Sesame Street and they show it in a more different and extreme way, they even put tattoos on their bodies in order to show thier love toward these cartoon cahracters.

 Cookie Monster Tattoo

Bert & Erine Tattoo

In the Asian places, the program of Sesame Street is not as popular in the United States, however, as I can remember I had ever watched Sesame Street (with Cantonese dubbing) in Macao’s local television station when I was still a primary student. I found it was quite interesting, but the local television discontinued filming it without any reason.